MTOTG 2020 China Finals will be decided in Hunan in October

The epidemic is gone with the wind, and the beauty is coming!
   Miss Tourism of the Globe 2019-2020 Shanghai Regional Finals, which everyone hopes to return to, was grandly held on September 6, 2020 in Hengda Venice , the north gate of Shanghai . More than a thousand contestants participated in the registration, and finally 38 beauties were selected for the finals. After a four-round contest of Hanfu, cheongsam, swimwear, and formal dresses, Wang Shengnan, Zou Yulin, and Cui Wen won the championship, first runner-up and second runner-up!

Champion Wang Shengnan

First Runner-up Zou Yulin

Second Runner-up Cui Wen

Contestants show

Some contestants' style

Group photo of the winners

Contestants' individual awards

Top ten contestants awards

        This event was hosted by World Beauty Organization Limited, Miss Globe International Co., Limited, and Xiamen Interstellar Global Network Technology Co., Ltd. Co-sponsored by Leiheng Media, Haidi Films, Kemo Culture, Yading Culture, Shenying Film, etc., Reversing Dream Mirror Shanghai Co., Ltd., AIS Asian Network Star Alliance, Hangzhou Sound and Color Culture Media, Jiangsu Wooden Man Culture Media, Shanghai Xianyan Media, Fengyan Yundu (Shanghai) Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. and other institutions co-organized; this event also received strong support from the Rong Cultural Fund.

       Important guests attending this event are:
       Gong Xinhan, former Deputy Minister of the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Gu Hao, former Deputy Secretary of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, Wang Dezhong, former Deputy Secretary of the Nantong Municipal Party Committee, Chairman of the Rongshi Cultural Fund, Rao Qing, Chairman of the Rongshi Investment Group, Song Shengxiang, Chairman of the Shanghai Division of the Miss Tourism of the Globe International contest, Yu Zhong, Chairman of Shanghai Haidi Pictures, Professor Qi Heliang of Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, Lin Mingjie, Editor-in-Chief of Art Review of Xinmin Evening News, Fei Jia, Central Education Committee of Jiu San Society, Deng En, Director of Shanghai Organizing Committee of National Fine Arts, Miss Tourism of the Globe image spokesperson for Shanghai, famous actress Ling Zimo, Executive Chairman of Miss Tourism of the Globe Shanghai, Zhou Jian, former Miss Earth China co-chair Zong Ziqi, Director of Admissions Office of Oriental Film Academy Zhang Bin, Member of Expert Committee of China Culture Promotion Association Zhao Xiaolu et al.
   Song Shengxiang, chairman of Miss Tourism of the Globe Shanghai Division, Yu Zhong, chairman of Shanghai Haidi Pictures, and Rao Qing, chairman of Rongshi Cultural Fund, took the stage to give speeches.

Song Shengxiang, Chairman of the Shanghai Division of Miss Tourism of the Globe International contest, Opening Speech

Speech by Yu Zhong, Chairman of Shanghai Haidi Pictures

Rao Qing, Chairman of Rongshi Cultural Fund and Chairman of Rongshi Investment Group

The judges of this event:
Rao Qing, Rongshi Cultural Fund Chairman
Lin Mingjie, Editor-in-Chief of Art Critic, Xinmin Night Daily
Professor Qi Heliang, Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts
Wang Qinxian, The godfather of Asian round dance
Chen Li, general manager of the clothing brand "Man Loulan"
Zong Ziqi, Former Miss Earth China Co-Chairman
Zhang Ziyang, Miss Tourism of the Globe Shanghai Division CEO

Judges comment on contestant performance

    In this cheongsam show, the "art mask" issued and sponsored by the Rong Cultural Fund made a stunning appearance. This is after the "520" China&Italy cultural exchange charity event, "art masks" once again appeared in international contests.

       These artistic masks were specially created and licensed for limited release by 10 Chinese contemporary artists-Ding Yi, Ding She, Fang Lijun, Li Lei, He Xi, Chen Jiu, Lin Mingjie, Yue Minjun, Zhou Chunya, and Xue Song. Rao Qing, President of The Rong Culture Foundation, said: When the COVID-19 epidemic spread around the world, masks have become a must-have item of daily life, but when the quintessence of classics, landscapes, flowers, and fashion pop "print" faces, when they are ink on paper and oil on canvas , Woodcut prints "transformed" into masks...the anti-epidemic action added by a whimsy, masks have also become a fashion, a kind of jewelry, and a flowing landscape.
  The contestants who participated in this event, in addition to the uniform body and beautiful appearance, all have outstanding talents. The talent performances of two of the contestants amazed the guests and the audience.

Talent show

   This event has received strong support from all walks of life. Among them, Xingshu Film and Television Makeup Training School dispatched 40 makeup teachers to make up and style designs for the contestants and guests of this contest.


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