Fang Yihan from Anhui Province Won the 27th Miss Tourism of the Globe China Grand Champion

On March 30, 2023, the 27th Miss Tourism of the Globe China Grand Final, organized by world beauty organization limited (World Beauty Organization), co-sponsored by Shenzhen Modern Model Art Association, co-sponsored by Shenzhen Lanting National Culture Communication, and organized by Shenzhen Sanshe Culture Media, came to a successful conclusion in Shenzhen. The contest site gathered VIPs and social elites from all walks of life and famous media from all over the world to witness the grand ceremony.

After four days of closed training in Shenzhen, the final 32 contestants from all regions of China advanced to the finals. The final round consisted of energetic dance, swimsuit show, wisdom quiz, talent show and evening gown show. Eleven judges, including the organizing committee of the contest, made professional scoring. In the end, Fang Yihan(No. 7 ), who graduated from the Central Academy of Drama, won the national championship with her confident and excellent performance, Li Shishi (No. 26) from Hunan Province won the first runner-up and Hua Shizhu from Yunnan province won the second runner-up.

When interviewed by the media after the contest, Fang Yihan said she was very surprised and excited to win the championship of this year's contest in China! Thank you to the organizing committee for recognizing her and to all the teachers for teaching her. In the future, she will take up the responsibility of the Chinese champion and actively promote the Chinese tourism business. She will actively prepare for the world finals and strive to get good results as well. The reporter learned that she has a dream of film since she was a child and aspires to be a professional film and television actress. After the contest, she will be fully engaged in the film and television industry. A number of film and television producers on the scene also highly recognized her performance on stage and planned to invite her to play important roles in future film and television productions.


After the contest, the reporter learned from HanSen, the event's operation officer, that Miss Tourism of the Globe international pageant is a global tourism beauty pageant. Miss Tourism of the Globe is a first-class pageant brand under the World Beauty Organization. The World Beauty Organization also has a number of brands under its umbrella, including The Miss Globe International, Miss Tourism Globe City , Miss Tourism Global City , Miss Globe, Miss Tourism World City. The next year's Miss Tourism of the Globe international pageant in China will also be launched in early April, followed by the first leg of the next year's China Grand Final in late April. In the first leg, the top three and top ten will be awarded, and the top ten contestants from other legs will compete for the national finals to be held at the end of the year.


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